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Barnaslingan Wood - Kilternan *

Barnaslingan Wood is situated on the eastern slope of The Scalp (meaning crevice, chasm or cleft) one of the most spectacular natural features in the Dublin area. This narrow rocky pass through which runs the R117 Dublin - Enniskerry road was formed by an Ice Age glacial lake overflow. There are many granite outcrops and boulders to be seen, especially on the wooded eastern Barnaslingan side. The west side and the dense pine woods of the Killegar summit contrast sharply with the naked boulders of the steep slopes below. The view from the north is particularly attractive and was one much beloved by the Victorian photographers who came here with their large and heavy tripods and pennyfarthing bicycles. (For a full appreciation of the views, it is recommended to have OS Discovery Series No. 56 to hand). When visiting Barnaslingan Wood, the Lead Mines and Carrickgollogan can be easily accessed and are worth exploring for the spectacular views.


Located 1.5 km south east of Kilternan on minor road to Enniskerry. Take the R117 to Kilternan, a small village south of Dublin city and just north of Enniskerry. Very soon after the village travelling south towards Enniskerry you will pass Ballycorus road on your left. Continue on for some 50m and take the next road to your left. This is a third class road and, though unnamed is identifiable by the row of cottages opposite and the green post box at its junction with the R117. Continue on this road for about 1km. The Lead mines chimney and Carrickgollogan to the east come into view. The road begins to climb and you will shortly see a sign mounted on the right hand side of the road reading “Barnaslingan Lane” (opposite is the minor road to the Lead Mines and Carrickgollogan). Barnaslingan Wood is on your right. Take extreme caution on this road as it is very narrow, winding and busy with vehicular traffic, pedestrians and riders on horseback.


Ordnance Survey Ireland Discovery Series: Number 50

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* Text; courtesy of Coillte Outdoors.


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