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Kilmashogue - Sandyford *

Kilmashogue offers up to 10 km of mountain and forest walks with some spectacular views of Dublin City. A very pleasant walk through the plantation of conifers starts in the car park and heads up the Kilmashogue Mountain with lots of view points with magnificent panoramas of Dublin Bay and the surrounding countryside. Kilmashogue forest has a good population of Sika deer, hares, rabbits and foxes. Many different species of birds can be also found. The most common tree species are Sitka spruce, Scots pine and beech. The difficulty of walking paths is moderate with the main forest road easily accessible for children and people with lower level of fitness. However, when taking the yellow marked Wicklow Way, parts of which are strenuous for the walker/hiker, and venturing into the hills, visitors are advised to be equipped with waterproof clothing, strong shoes, a drink and a map of compass. The origin of the name of the mountain could be coill na fumsaoige, which means the wood of the ash; or coill na fuiseoige, which means the wood of the lark. Close to the car park, there is a bronze age megalithic tomb. Kilmashogue forest also offers an easy access to the Three Rock Mountain, Ticknock Forest and Tibradden Mountain.


Located in the Dublin Mountains, only a half hour bus or car journey's time from the centre of Dublin; 3.5 km west of Sandyford. From Dublin City Centre, make your way to Marlay Park, Ballinteer. Go to the College road entrance at the southern end of the Park. From here, you can follow the signs for the Wicklow Way taking you along College Road and under the M50 motorway. At the small roundabout turn left for Kilmashogue Lane leading to the Kilmashogue Forest Car Park (around 1.5km).


Ordnance Survey Ireland Discovery Series: Number 50

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* Text; courtesy of Coillte Outdoors.


Sorry there is currently no listings for Sandyford.

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