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Carlow Town, County Carlow

Carlow Town - Ceatharlach - Place of Cattle Herds

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Location of Carlow Town

Carlow Town is located in the South-East of Ireland in County Carlow, part of Ireland's Ancient East. It is the capital town of County Carlow and situated on the banks of the River Barrow.

History of Carlow Town

The strategic position of the town made it an Anglo-Norman stronghold in the Middle Ages. The ruin of Carlow Castle is situated near the centre of the town. Built in the 13th century it formed a strong military fortress. Drainage work carried out on the River Barrow in recent years revealed many stone and bronze artifacts.

The largest dolmen in Europe is located close to the town. The large capstone is supported by five granite blocks and is estimated to weigh 100 tons.

Carlow Town Golf Courses

Carlow Golf Course  -  An 18 hole parkland course located near Carlow Town in County Carlow

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Map of Carlow Town County Carlow

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