Lickeen Wood - Glencar *

The site is situated in the picturesque Glencar Valley, adjacent to Upper Caragh River, Caragh Lake and Lower Caragh River. The main tree species are primitive oak woods. Other broadleaves include holly and mountain ash, while conifers consist of Sitka spruce, Japanese and European larch, Douglas fir, Scots pine, lodgepole pine and grand and noble fir. The local fauna include otter and wild mink can be seen among the common wildlife. Red deer and sika deer are resident in small numbers in the adjoining woods. The usual woodland birds can be found. The facilities include picnic site and forest walk. The Upper and Lower Caragh Rivers and Caragh Lake are famous for salmon and trout fishing.


Lickeen Wood is located about 18 km south west of Killorglin on the Ballaghsheen Pass Road (3rd class road).


Ordnance Survey Ireland Discovery Series: Number 78

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* Text; courtesy of Coillte Outdoors.


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