Aughnanure Castle - Oughterard

Built in the 16th century by the O'Flahertys, one of Connacht's most notable lordly families, Aughnanure Castle is one of the noblest of all the tower houses of the Province. Tower Houses are fortified residences and were places of power and control over the surrounding lands. The name Aughnanure comes from the Gaelic Achadh na nIubhar, the field of the yews, of which one old specimen remains nearby. Situated on the banks of the Drimneen River, which flows into the western side of Lough Corrib, 3km from Oughterard, the site was well chosen, as the river flows gently beneath the low cliff on which the castle was built, allowing boats bringing supplies, to come right up to the gate of the fortification. In addition visitors will find the remains of a banqueting hall, a watchtower, an unusual double bawn and bastions and a dry harbour.

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Located near Oughterard

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