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Festival of Lughnasa - Cloghane & Brandon

Location: Cloghane,County Kerry

Time of Year: July

Contact Email: cflt@eircom.net

The Cloghane - Brandon Lughnasa Festival is a revival of an ancient pre-Christian celebration of the harvest.Lughnasa is one of the four great Celtic Festivals which divided the year.The revived Feile is primarily a gathering for the local community and an attempt to rekindle the original spirit of the event. Local people, young and old, take part as do visitors who happen to be in the area or who come specially to get involved in this enjoyable weekend.Many enjoyable events are organised for the weekend suiting all age groups and everyone is welcome to join in the celebrations. The organised activities range from a pilgrimage to Mount Brandon, storytelling, sand sculpture, pet show, vintage car exhibition, treasure hunt to nightly entertainment and craic in the local pubs celebrating the Pattern Day.

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Cloghane Listings

County Kerry

Benagh B&B, Cloghane

Located at the foot of Mount Brandon at the tip of the Dingle Peninsula, Benagh B&B is an ideal base from which to explore and enjoy an unspoilt area rich in flora, fauna and archaeological sites such as the Bronze Age Loch a'Duin Valley.

Season: All Year    Location: Dingle Peninsula    Occupancy: Bed and Breakfast


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